The board of directors for the Culpeper Wellness Foundation, which operates Powell Wellness Center and Culpeper Sport & Fitness, has voted to close the two centers temporarily effective March 16, 2020. The closure, supported by Foundation President Shari Landry, will extend at least through April 1.

“In keeping with the Foundation’s mission to improve health and promote wellness, we believe this step must be taken as part of the larger mitigation effort. This is a precautionary measure to protect our community as the COVID-19 threat in Virginia continues,” said Landry. “We encourage our members and others to stay active while protecting their health and taking precautions as recommended by the Center for Disease Control.”  Member accounts will be credited for the closure period.

Staff will be paid for their regularly scheduled shifts during this closure.

Landry added, “This is a difficult time and this decision was not made lightly. Based on what we know from CDC recommendations and our own conversation with local public health professionals, the most important thing we can do is take steps to reduce transmission of the virus.  In addition to protecting our members and staff, we believe this decision supports the health of our community.”