Thousands of people in our community don’t have health insurance and can’t afford to see a doctor and get the medications they need. People like Ken and Marie, who work and take care of their family.

Ken works full-time in construction while Marie does her best to care for their family.  But, it’s not easy for Marie.  She has severe anxiety and seldom feels comfortable enough to leave their apartment alone.

Marie also has diabetes and struggles to maintain a healthy weight.  Her conditions require frequent visits to the Free Clinic where Marie can receive free medical care and prescriptions.  It has taken a long time for Marie to feel safe at the clinic but now she does.  And that’s a good thing because without regular medical care Marie likely would not be able to care for herself, much less her family.

The holidays are a time of even greater anxiety and stress for Marie. The family’s income barely keeps the bills paid.  Marie and Ken do what they can to make the holidays special even though there is little money for extras like gifts for the children.  But Ken knows that this year, the number one priority is to keep Marie healthy.  Her family depends on her.

Until a few months ago, Marie’s friend accompanied her to medical appointments – providing the support she needed to overcome her anxiety about leaving the apartment.  Sadly Marie’s friend died unexpectedly, which has heightened her anxiety and made her even more worried about leaving home alone.

Now Marie continues to come to the clinic when Ken can join her.  That requires some juggling on everyone’s part since Ken works each week day, but the family recognizes that Marie’s appointments at the clinic help keep her well.

Marie has access to the medical care and prescriptions she needs, thanks to the generosity of our donors. Every gift makes a difference, supporting essential care and enabling Marie and other members of our community to manage their health.