Energy Medicine Yoga® is a special program offered free to the public at Powell Wellness Center. EMY is an integrative practice, uniting the ancient healing methods of energy medicine and the time-honored tradition of yoga. This union works to align and balance the body’s nine energy systems that form the foundation for our health. Classic yoga postures are interwoven with ancient traditional healing modalities including working with the meridian system, tapping, self-massage, holds to calm and regulate the body’s stress responses, and much more. This class with certified EMY practitioner Annette Hyde is for all levels of fitness and familiarity with yoga. Modifications are available.

More about Energy Medicine Yoga here.

For the September 16, 2023 class, please pre-register in person at the PWC front desk (1005 Golf Drive) or call the front desk at 540-445-5406. Pre-registration is required. Energy Medicine Yoga will be in the group fitness room, 11:30 am – 1:00 pm.