CPR device grant





Lake of the Woods Rescue Squad improves patient care with the LUCAS automatic mechanical chest compression system for CPR

Providing immediate chest compressions is essential for patient survival from cardiac arrest.   First responder manual compression is the first line of defense in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) but providers can quickly become fatigued.  Automatic mechanical chest compression devices offer the benefits of consistent rate and depth of compression with adequate run times to handle cardiac emergencies including transport to the hospital.  Their use can substantially improve patient survival.

The Rescue Squad in Lake of the Woods, Orange County, Virginia is pleased to have the latest technology for automated chest compression as a result of a grant from the Culpeper Wellness Foundation and citizen donations.  This generosity enabled the purchase of two LUCAS Automatic Mechanical Chest Compression Systems.  The LUCAS system provides a substantial advance over older technology as it is lighter and more compact, easier to store and carry, and simpler for providers to use.  This system can be put in place while manual compressions are initiated. Medical research has shown that this LUCAS system provides increased patient survival rates.

LOW Rescue members Chief Stephen McInnis, Deputy Chief Hooper, First Assistant Chief Moody and Second Assistant Chief Kelley recently demonstrated the use of the LUCAS system to Culpeper Wellness Foundation President Shari Landry (pictured above).

The LOW Rescue Squad has been training with the new device for the past month and have now put the devices on the ambulances, thereby improving the standard of care in the community.