Emergency needs related to COVID-19 began to escalate in our three county service area in March 2020. At that time, we made the decision to close our annual spring Healthy Living grants program in order to direct available funds to serving critical needs associated with the pandemic. Our goal was to have as many resources as possible to support community response to the unprecedented challenge of COVID-19.

Guided by our mission of improving health and promoting wellness, between March and September 2020, we provided just over $181,143 in grants in response to the threat of coronavirus in our community. We focused our efforts in five key areas: food, shelter, isolation prevention, medical equipment and health supplies, and support to essential workers. Our grant response to community needs covered the spectrum, from purchasing supplies of hand sanitizer for frontline workers, to adding a new LifePak 15 defibrillator and monitor for Culpeper County Emergency Services. It was an honor to support the efforts of local service organizations as they worked tirelessly to mitigate the pandemic’s impact on our community.

COVID-19 response grants

Culpeper Medical Center: Support to community COVID testing – $1,200

Empowering Culpeper (People, Inc.): Support to drive-through food distribution events –  $5,000

Food Closet of Culpeper: Deliveries of food to quarantined individuals and families in need –  $3,000

Culpeper Housing & Human Services: Shelter supplies and temporary housing – $5,000

Hero’s Bridge: Support services for veterans at risk of isolation – $3,100

Culpeper Baptist Church Child Development Center: Childcare services for first responders and essential employees – $8,000

Madison Department of Social Services: Emergency fund – $10,000

Madison Learning Center: Operating support to center – $5,000

Belmont Farms of Virginia: Hand sanitizer supplies for Kid Central, Culpeper Housing & Shelter Services, Culpeper Department of Social Services and food bank – $1,750

VA COVID Supply: N95 masks for volunteer EMS, medical providers, Department of Social Services – $2,800

Rapidan Rappahannock Regional Commission: Mileage reimbursement for volunteer drivers, $2,000

Culpeper Medical Center: Pulse oximeters for COVID-19 patients being monitored at home – $5,670

Culpeper Human Services: Children’s pain reliever – $407

Kid Central: Supplies for first responder and hospital staff childcare, $800

VA COVID Supply: KN95 masks for distribution, $640

SAFE: Increased domestic violence reports, remote staff operations support – $10,000

Culpeper County Emergency Management Services: Oxide cleaner to decontaminate ambulances and stations – $5,280

Aging Together: iPads for residents’ use in Dogwood Village retirement community in Orange – $800

Salvation Army: Emergency meals – $5,000

Manna Ministry: Start up of bag lunch program – $5,000

Public Health: COVID public health education mailing – $8,868

Culpeper Housing & Shelter Services: Shelter supplies and temporary housing – $10,000

Culpeper County Emergency Services: LifePak 15 defibrillator and monitor – $43,428

Rapidan Rappahannock Community Services: Funding of health care position in Culpeper, $30,400

Lord Fairfax Community College: Contact tracing center equipment and faculty stipends – $8,000 (contact tracing training session in photo below)